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2017 Chardonnay

A light crisp Chardonnay with citrus aromas and crisp acidity. The perfect pairing to shell fish or to enjoy on a nice spring day!

$2 Tasting | $6 Glass | $20 Bottle

2017 Merlot

Our Merlot has lovely herbal aromas with a bit of spiciness.This full bodied red wine features notes of dark fruit like blackberries and would pair perfectly with a steak.

$2 Tasting | $9 Glass | $30 Bottle


Reserve Chardonnay

Aged in French oak, our Reserve Chardonnay has a toasty aroma with notes of bread and vanilla. Heavier on the palette, this wine pairs well with richer food like chicken in cream sauce.

$2 Tasting | $7 Glass | $25 Bottle

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

This ripe and complex Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of blackberry, vanilla and cassis. Aged in French oak for 24 months, this spicy yet smooth wine would pair perfectly with a steak or blue cheese and charcuterie.

$2 Tasting | $10 Glass | $32 Bottle


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2018 Pinky Rosé

Pinky Rosé, created as an homage to our donkey, who roamed the property from 1964 till 1993 is a Provençal styled rosé. Light, airy and effortless with notes of cranberry and light red berries

$2 Tasting | $7 Glass | $25 Bottle

2018 South Bay Breeze Blush

South Bay Breeze Blush brings you back to those warm summer days we all are dreaming of! Fruity and sweet, this soft and inviting wine has 3% residual sugar and notes of sweet fruits like strawberries! 

$2 Tasting | $6 Glass | $20 Bottle